Ronald Verdaas

Financing & Securities and Insolvency law


Ronald (A.J.) Verdaas specialises in Financing & Securities and Insolvency law. He is a lawyer, lecturer, binding advisor and a research scientist. In 2008, he obtained his doctorate (Phd) degree on the subject Undisclosed pledge on registered claims. Early in 2018 he published a book about Factoring. Recently he published the second, revised edition of The banking credit agreement

Ronald Verdaas is known for his specialist knowledge, in particular on Financing & Securities and Insolvency law, has broad experience and a sound analysis.

Personal background continued

Ronald conducts his independent practice, so that he can divide the time available between his different activities to his own wishes. Ronald exclusively deals with cases in which he is an expert. He cooperates with other specialists based on expertise and personal suitability.

Working method

The shape and form of Ronald’s contribution are flexible. Examples are:

for a businessman or a company lawyer:

concluding a complete law suit, assisting in a negotiation process or setting up standard documentation

for a lawyer:

advising on a specific topic in a case, acting as the principal of (part of the) pleadings

for a bankruptcy trustee:

providing a pre-litigation advice