Ronald Verdaas

Financing & Securities, Insolvency law and Financial Law

For lawyers

Many clients of Ronald’s are legal experts. They have a critical view and are able to judge the quality of the work, also related to the price. This keeps Ronald on the edge of his seat and he is awarded for his work indeed.

Lawyers and bankruptcy trustees engage Ronald for a second opinion, an advice, writing (part of) a pleading document or commenting a concept text. In those cases, Ronald does not mind at all that he is present in the background.

In cases of bankruptcy, trustees and (lawyers or employees for the special management of) financiers are confronted with complicated questions about financing and securities. They may consult Ronald Verdaas for independent legal advice which forms the basis for an informed opinion. Thus, an advice may support the prevention or termination of a dispute. If this does not prove successful, then it may support the decision-making as regards the execution of a procedure.

A relatively quick and inexpensive alternative for a procedure is a binding advice.