Ronald Verdaas

lawyer, binding advisor, lecturer, reaearch scientist


Financing & Securities and Insolvency law:

  • Loan agreements
  • Loan documentation, standard documentation for loans, factoring or leasing, general conditions
  • Termination of loan agreements
  • Restructuring of loans
  • Security rights (pledge, mortgage)
  • Personal security rights (solidarity, surety, (bank) guarantee)
  • Securities documentation
  • leasing
  • factoring
  • insolvency law
  • liability of management and supervisory board

Financial law:

  • Duty of care of financial service providers
  • Disputes with financial service providers


Attachment and execution law

Termination of continuing performance agreements

Non-cash transactions

Property law

Company law

Ronald has recorded the following specializations at the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Financial law (banking)
  • Insolvency law

This registration obliges to annually obtain ten training points per specialization